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MyVoice by Annie Rogers

Name: Annie Rogers

School: Year 11 Student At St Andrew's Lutheran College 

Business Name: My Voice Communications

Social Media:

Tell Us About Your Business: 

My Voice tackles the issue of the lack of eye-contact received by non-verbal people by projecting the user’s voice from their chest rather than their communication device situated in front of them. My Voice aims to be a game changer for those feeling invisible in our world.

How Did You Come Up With The Business Idea?

In a school entrepreneurship extra-curricular activity back in 2020, we were tasked to design a product or a service for ‘the greater good’. After some brainstorming and identifying issues I face or witness often, I created the My Voice. My best friend is non-verbal so after witnessing her face the issue of the lack of eye-contact she received for 6 years, I created the My Voice in 2020 and continuously work to bring it to market.

What Obstacles Have You Faced In Building And Growing Your Business And How Have You Overcome Them?

An obstacle I have faced in building and growing My Voice is the need for funding. To overcome this I have sought out opportunities with mentors and entered some competitions for grants. This way I have access to those with the skill set I need and money to purchase or develop the elements I require.

Can You Share Any Success Stories Or Moments That Highlight The Positive Influence Of Your Efforts?

I won ‘One to Watch’ for Most Impactful Entrepreneur from the Young Change Agents, was invited to judge the LORDS High School ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch Event and have been invited by the Junior Chamber of Commerce to present to a group aspiring leaders.

What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learned Through The Next Gen Awards? 

The most important thing I have learnt through The Next Gen Awards is to make the most of all opportunities given. The Next Gen Awards has opened opportunities for me to present at other schools and pitch at a Bond Demo Day alongside Bond Alumni where I made connections with others in the industry.

What Is Your Long-Term Vision For Your Business?

My long-term vision for My Voice is for it to be a purchasable product in physical and digital stores so it can be easily accessed to improve the lives of millions.

What Future Projects Or Initiatives Do You Have In Mind For Your Business And How Do You Plan To Expand Its Reach And Influence?

I plan to connect with the NDIS to further the reach and affordability of My Voice and grow my business while changing the lives of millions of people.

How Do You Plan To Continue Your Journey Of Personal And Professional Development Beyond The Next Gen Awards?

I plan to continue my journey of personal and professional development beyond the Next Gen Awards by becoming a spokesperson for the importance of innovation and entrepreneurial skills being taught in schools.

What Advice Would You Give To Other Young Students Who Aspire To Develop Their Own Businesses?

As long as you believe in yourself and your business, you can’t fail so why not just start? Even if your product or service never hits the market, you will learn about yourself and build 21st-century skills, entrepreneurship skills and have fun.

To find out more about My Voice and to support Annie on her journey, make sure to follow My Voice on Instagram or Tiktok. Annie participated in our Next Gen Awards 2023 program and was our National Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

To find out more about the Next Gen Awards and how your projects and initiatives can be showcased head to:


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