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Upskilling Students Over The School Holidays With Ipswich Libraries

Throughout 2021 and into 2022 we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing high school students from across the Ipswich Libraries network as our team have delivered a series of workshops to help them develop their skills over the school holidays.

Over the school holidays, we have worked with students to create their own Youtube channels in our Youtube Creators programs, create websites and apps in our Web and App Designer programs, and even create businesses in our Inventors Lab programs.

These programs have all been sponsored by the Ipswich Libraries and because of this, they have been free for young people across the Ipswich Region to attend over their school holidays to build their skills, and bring their ideas to life. We have also found these programs a great way to showcase the resources available to students at their local library should they wish to continue working on their projects post-program.

Our team have absolutely loved working with the amazing young people from across the community and we have seen some truly amazing ideas developed in these programs. We've got plenty more programs planned, and to find out more about these, make sure to head to our School Holiday Program page, and for more programs through the libraries, check out their kids page.


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