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Townsville STEM Faire - Hands-On Technology Activation

As the Townsville City Council and City Libraries prepared to celebrate National Science Week in partnership with the Townsville STEM Hub, the Townsville STEM Faire was created as a one-day event for the entire community to come together and be inspired by the study of science, technology, engineering, and maths.

Hosted at the stunning Citylibraries Riverway venue, the Townsville STEM Faire brought the space to life with a myriad of hands on STEM experiences for all ages, a dynamic line up of inspiring presentations, and roaming performers and experts to engage attendees throughout the day. Running from 8am - 3pm the day saw over 3,000 attendees through the Faire from 5 - 85 years of age!

To support this fabulous initiative, the BOP team were invited up to deliver our signature Hands On Technology Activation to show attendees the creative side of STEM, and how they can use new and emerging technology tools to bring their ideas to life.

For the Townsville STEM Faire, our Hands On Technology Activation featured two key technologies for attendees to engage with. These included:

Augmented Reality: Attendees will be able to colour in a selection of sea creatures of their choosing on some A4 paper before then scanning them with an iPad to see them come to life in Augmented Reality. These AR animals are then added to our 'Augmented Reality Aquarium' that is projected onto a wall near the activation for all attendees see the coloured in sea creatures added to the aquarium once scanned in AR. 

3D Printing Pens: These pens will see attendees able to make all sorts of creations with a pen that prints solid filament in 3D with the filament freezing as soon as it leaves the nozzle of the pen. This is a really fun and creative way for attendees to learn about 3D printing. 

In addition to our Hands On Technology Activation, our CEO and founder, Scott Millar, was also invited to deliver a 20 minute keynote presentation sharing his story of growing BOP from a school business project to a leading education company as a young entrepreneur. Throughout his presentation, Scott shared his insights of how his STEM skills helped him bring his ideas to life and make change in his community.

You can see a short video of the BOP activation at the Townsville STEM Faire here:

To find out more about how you can organise a Hands-On Technology Activation at your upcoming event, make sure to contact us here:


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