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Student Leadership Program At Brisbane South State Secondary College (BSSSC)

Since 2022 the BOP team has had a dynamic partnership with Brisbane South State Secondary College (BSSSC) as we support them on their mission of delivering a new standard of education to their students in Queensland. As part of this vision, the school has established a student leadership program called 'Propel' designed to empower young people wanting to make a difference in their community, and represent the broader student body at the college. Since 2022 the BOP team have worked closely with the Propel student leaders, helping them develop their skills, experience, and networks as young changemakers in their community. This partnership has consisted of the following:

Community Leaders Hackathon

As a key part of the selection process, the BOP team hosts a half-day 'Community Leaders Hackathon' for all student leadership applicants. During the hackathon, students are challenged to form teams and work collaboratively to create an innovative solution to a challenge pitched to them. Facilitated by the BOP team and with BSSSC staff observing students, we find this a fantastic way to see students in action and determine whether they can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Opening Keynote At Leadership Investiture

After the student leaders have been determined, BOP Industries founder Scott Millar delivers an opening keynote speech at the Leadership Investiture Ceremony. Speaking to teachers, parents, and students, these presentations change each year and explore the power of young people when making change in a community. After the official investiture, Scott then joins student leaders and their parents in an information session to provide an overview of the year ahead and what the students can expect.

Online Self-Paced Modules

Throughout the year, all student leaders at the college have access to a suite of self-paced online modules developed by the BOP team to help them develop their skills as emerging leaders. Modules are hosted on Microsoft Sway and come with 60 minutes of learning and working time per module. Topics include professional communication, entrepreneurial thinking, innovation mindsets, pitching, and more.

Term Long Challenge

To help students develop their experience, they will participate in an industry-aligned term-long challenge throughout term three. Facilitated by the BOP team, this term-long challenge is designed to get students to use a design thinking approach to develop an innovative yet impactful solution to a real-world challenge pitched by an industry leader. Students commence the term with a full-day hackathon to form their teams, receive their challenge brief, and make a start on their ideas. From there, they are challenged to build their ideas out over the course of three, half-day masterclasses before they then pitch their ideas at a pitch breakfast in front of industry judges, parents, and teachers.

Young Innovator Days

As a BOP partner school, the BSSSC student leaders also receive a myriad of invitations to attend our 'Young Innovator Day' student conferences delivered in partnership with our industry partners each year. With a capacity of 10 students per school, per program, these programs are often invite only and allow select students to further explore their passions, develop their networks, and hear directly from industry leaders in their chosen pathway.

We have loved collaborating with the Brisbane South State Secondary College student leaders and team on the Propel student leadership program since 2022 and we look forward to following the young leaders in the program closely as they make change across their communities.

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