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MLC Innovators Hybrid Program

In the final week of term two 140 year 10 girls were scheduled to be spending their week on work experience. With COVID restrictions still in place, MLC realised that this was not going be an option, but still wanted to give the girls something to look forward to that week as they built their skills and gained work experience.

Our MLC Innovators Program saw us developing a week long hybrid program for the year 10 girls that saw them developing their intrapreneurial skills (being entrepreneurial inside an organisation) as they also explored different career opportunities inside leading global organisations.

In this week long program the girls got to pick from challenges ranging from innovation in aviation to sustainable futures, smart cities and zero waste mining as they used their 21st century skills to develop out of the box solutions to challenges facing global organisations.

"It was amazing to see the diverse range of ideas the girls were working on, and to help them develop the transferrable skills that we have seen to be so essential in the workforce today." - Scott Millar, CEO, BOP Industries

Throughout the week the girls consumed content from our team through Microsoft teams with videos from our team and PDF's with supporting information. They also did a full day design sprint at the start of the program to build their skills as they explored the issue of business waste, and they finished the program with a day working on challenges around the 'future of work'.

At the end of the program the girls recorded their pitches to send off to the corporate partners for feedback and (hopefully) consideration. It was heartwarming to hear the incredibly positive comments from students. We cannot wait to see them again! Check out what our 'Social Isolation Hackathon' we did with Gold Coast City Council.


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