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Innovation Week At The Australian International School Malaysia

At BOP we have the pleasure of working with a diverse range of schools in over 36 locations globally. One of our international partners is the Australian International School Malaysia.

Founded by Taylors Education group and situated in Kuala Lumpur the school boasts K-12 expat students from around the world all learning the Australian curriculum.

With students travelling around the world after graduating for study and work opportunities the school focuses on building 21st century skills within their students to help them compete in the globalised workforce.

At BOP we have the pleasure of working with the school to organise and run their annual 'Innovation Week' programs. These programs see students from grade 3-10 working with our team over the course of a week to build skills around entrepreneurship, STEM and innovation to prepare them for the future of work.

Our team build workshops tailored to each cohort and aligned with the Australian curriculum. These sessions build on key elements of different curriculum areas to immerse students in project based cross curricular learning.

As well as working with the students at the school we also have the pleasure of working with parents and teachers in after school sessions. These sessions see professional development opportunities for teachers on how they can build and deliver similar programs in their classroom. For parents we also have a number of sessions on how they can help prepare students for the future of work and what alternative pathways are available to their students.

For more information on the programs offered at the AISM Innovation Week, and to find out how you can get these programs at your school or in your community, make sure to read about our School Incursions.


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