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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Units Of Work At Perth College

Perth College embraces a sparc framework to offer rich learning experiences to students that combine leadership, innovation, and citizenship to cultivate leadership attributes and encourage creative problem-solving for sustainable businesses that contribute to the community.

As the college works to prepare its students for a future with jobs that have not yet been created, with technologies not yet invented, and problems not yet anticipated, the sparc program offers students the opportunity to build the knowledge, skills, attributes, and values to set them free and flourish in the ever-changing future.

As part of the delivery of the sparc progam, we teamed up with Perth College to deliver three innovation and entrepreneurship focused units of work to help students develop their skills, experience, and expertise.

Developed by qualified educators on the BOP team, each unit of work is centered around a real-world industry-aligned challenge and is designed to get students developing their skills in design thinking, embracing their innovation mindsets, and practicing their 21st-century skills as they develop out of the box solutions to the challenges pitched to them.

To support teachers in the delivery of these learning experiences, each unit features ten lessons of content complete with over 100 slides, printable classroom resources, comprehensive teaching notes, a unit overview, and a guide to delivering the unit of work.

The units of work delivered to Perth College for their sparc program include:

Future Foods: A 10 lesson unit that sees students learning about innovations such as 3D printed food, lab grown meat, and vertical farms as they create an out-of-the-box solution to the challenges facing food production and consumption today. 

Mental Health Hackathon: A 10 lesson unit that challenges students to develop their user centred design skills as they design in-school programs, community spaces, and digital solutions to support other young people with their mental health.

The Future Of Retail: A 10 lesson unit that tasks students with exploring the future of retail as they reimagine the in-store and online experience of one of their favourite brands whilst also exploring the sustainability initiatives they could lead. 

These units have been incredibly popular with sparc program students at Perth College and we've loved hearing feedback from teachers delivering the units!

To find out more about our units of work and to purchase a unit for your students, head to:


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