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Hands-On Technology Activations At World Science Festival Regional Tour 2021

A little-known fact about BOP is that we actually started our work in the education space at the World Science Festival Brisbane in 2017 with a 'Hands On Technology Activation' that saw about 4000 people learning how to film their own holograms over four days.

Since then, our Hands On Technology activations have grown and evolved to now include a suite of fun and engaging creative technologies for people to learn about, and create with. Today we run these activations at events and festivals across the country as a great opportunity for people to see the creative side of technology, and to play with some pretty cool tech at the same time.

This is exactly what we did with the World Science Festival Brisbane for their regional tours in 2021. With tours to Ipswich, Toowoomba, Chinchilla and Gladstone throughout the year, our team had the pleasure of running these activations in each regional hub, alongside a series of workshops exploring the future of sport.

In these activations, attendees would have the option of getting hands on with some of the following technologies:

- Colouring In With Augmented Reality: Whatever you colour in on the piece of paper will then come to life when you scan it with an iPad or phone. We always have hundreds of sheets of paper for this so families can take them home and do it themselves!

- 3D Printed Pens: With these 3D printed pens, attendees can draw on a table or in the air with the filament coming out the end of the pen freezing as it comes out. This is an awesome opportunity for families to learn about 3D printing whilst also making creations that they can take home with them.

- Robotics With Sphero: We always have plenty of little Sphero robots that families can use to pilot around an obstacle course. With no coding required and some pretty cool STEM on the inside, we love showing people how you can use robotics without having to learn to code.

- Conductive Ink: Another favourite is always our conductive ink that allows families to create their own works of art to activate simple circuits. They can sketch and draw with a pen producing ink that can conduct electricity when joined to a battery and light.

- Holograms: Finally, as a BOP favourite, we always make sure to have some holograms on hand for families to learn about the simple science behind holograms, and how they can make their own holograms simply and easily.

We absolutely love running these Hands On Technology Activations at events across the country and with plenty to explore for people of all ages, it's always a hit at every event.

To find out more about how you can get a Hands On Technology Activation at your next event, make sure to Contact Our Team and we will see what we can do!


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