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Entrepreneurship Outside The Business Classroom - Cross Curricular Entrepreneurship

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘entrepreneur’? Is it a smooth talking businessperson in a suit? Perhaps a hip young tech bro? Or maybe a young Warren Buffett working towards world domination?

Whilst entrepreneurship is about the act of setting up multiple businesses or ventures in order to take financial risks in the hope of profits, at BOP Industries we often see great examples of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills outside of the business classroom.


If we dive into the History and Social Science (HASS/Humanities) classroom we see some fantastic examples of students developing their entrepreneurial skills as they work to empathise with members of a community and understand different points of view. This is exactly what entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have to do as they consider their stakeholders and end users of their products.

In the Maths classroom students can be found developing their skills in multi-stepped problem solving, information processing, pattern recognition, and data analysis. These are the same skills the entrepreneurs are required to use as they respond to challenges on a daily basis, identify trends, and analyse their performance.

Moving over to the English classroom and you will see students developing their writing skills as they consider multiple points of view, develop an understanding of their audience and look at different styles of writing and presentation to suit different tasks.

In the Science classroom students are required to implement iterative processes of researching, hypothesising, testing, measuring and reflecting; this being the same process that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs use to trial new products, campaigns and strategies.

Our Arts students can often be found developing their communication skills as they develop in depth understanding of their audience before learning about the art of storytelling and the ability to adapt a story for a specific audience. In addition to this they are also working hard to develop their presentation and communication skills as well as their familiarity with digital technologies and mixed media to enhance their presentations.

On the Sports fields we can see students developing strong teamwork and communication skills as they learn to develop a strategy, work with a range of skill sets and personalities, and set goals. In the sporting fields we can also see students developing and understanding of their limits whilst also being able to view the bigger picture in what they do.

Finally, in the Technology rooms we can see students diving deep on their critical and creative thinking as they look at deconstructing their work to find errors before they then troubleshoot to develop a solution. In addition to this, our technology students are also using their human centred design skills as they consider how their end user will use their creations. All skills that are paramount to a successful entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is everywhere and is a great way for students to bring their skills together from a diverse range of subject areas and experiences to think outside the box as they innovate, create and build.

To find out more about how we can help you with cross curricular entrepreneurship at your school, make sure to check out of For Schools Page, or Download A Free Resource. Alternatively, you can Contact Us as we'd love to hear about what you're working on!


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