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Entrepreneurship In Education - Building Young Entrepreneurs In The Classroom

As we move throughout the 21st century, the need to refresh and review our education system is more apparent now than ever before. Technology is developing at a rapid rate, the future of work is changing faster than ever, and the barriers that had previously kept people locked into careers for life are coming down as our generation are pushing boundaries and redefining the status quo.

As the world continues to develop, we find ourselves looking at how we can best prepare the next generation to thrive in the future of work. Education has historically been passing knowledge from generation to generation, but as we move through 2020 it seems as though we are all gazing into the crystal ball as we try to anticipate what the future holds for generation Z.

With this change, we are seeing teachers transitioning from the keepers of knowledge, to the facilitators of growth and development.

Instead of institutions existing to teach content, they are now focussing on helping us become passionate lifelong learners and good human beings. One final change we are just starting to see however, is the content taught in the classroom.

We are seeing the need for educators to ensure their content is real, relevant and relatable for their students, ensuring their classes are fresh and current for students. We’re also seeing industry developing stronger connections with the classroom as they work to ensure students are learning practices that are current and relevant for the industry.

As we continue to refine the content delivered in the classroom, we have also seen institutions and organisations exploring the skills required by students to thrive in the 21st century future of work. They are realising that success in a number of industries is less about deep domain knowledge, but instead the ability to develop new skills, take initiative and communicate ideas.

As part of this, we are seeing a big push for entrepreneurial skills in the classroom. These entrepreneurial skills are centred around problem solving, critical and creative thinking, teamwork and communication. Skills that students will need regardless of their career as a nurse, a teacher, an accountant or a business person.

There is a common misconception that by teaching entrepreneurial skills, we expect every student to continue to found the next Facebook or Microsoft before becoming the next Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates. Whilst this is the pathway some students choose to take, it is only the pathway for a select few students.

Entrepreneurial skills for most students, is instead a set of skills that help them communicate their ideas, problem solve, think outside the box and bring their passions to life. These are skills that students will need regardless of their pathway, and skills that will help students thrive in the 21st century workforce as they find the opportunity in uncertainty.

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