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Federation University DiscoverIT Day

As technology continues to change the way we live, work, and learn, it is essential that young people today consider the role technology will play in their future career pathways, and the technology roles available to them in the workforce.

To help do exactly this, we teamed up with Federation University to deliver the 'DiscoverIT Day' designed to show high school students from schools across South-East Queensland the diverse range of technology careers available to them in the workforce, and how they can make a head start on their chosen pathway today.

Run over one action-packed day in Term One, we had over 70 students in Grades 8-12 with an interest in STEM coming to the Federation University Innovation Campus in Brisbane to hear from keynote speakers, engage in a selection of hands-on challenges, and build their networks with like-minded young people.

The day started with an official welcome from the university and an overview of what Federation University has on offer for young STEM professionals. From there, students heard from an inspiring keynote speaker sharing their insights on the power of young professionals and the role technology will play in our ever-changing world. To then start building their skills and applying their knowledge, students then dived into an action-packed design sprint looking at technology in our communities and how they can create digital innovations to improve the quality of life for key members of their community.

During morning tea students were invited to explore the Federation University campus and facilities, before then heading back for a panel discussion exploring careers in the IT industry. This panel discussion featured professionals from IBM, the Australian Computing Society, and Telstra Purple as they shared insights on their own pathways in the IT industry, and their advice for young people wanting to follow in their footsteps.

From there, students explored the role of the metaverse and spatial computing in the workforce, before finishing the day exploring the future of education as they designed a university of the future, pitching their final ideas back to the Federation University team.

This was an action-packed experience for students, giving them an impactful insight into the diverse range of IT careers available to them, and how Federation University can help them get a head start on their chosen pathway at an early age.

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