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21st Century Skills For The Broader School Community - LORDS Community Day

Lutheran Ormeau Rivers District School (LORDS) are doing some brilliant work as part of their focus to deliver future-focussed education to all of their students from P-12.

To help with this vision, we have had the pleasure of working with their broader school community to spark the future-focussed flames of their parents, teachers, and students,

Over semester one, we've had a brilliant time working with their team to deliver teacher professional development programs and also host a community day to get teachers, students and parents working together on future-focussed challenges.

Kicking off with our community day in term one, we opened the doors of the makerspace to the school community over a weekend for them to join us as we look at how to start a side hustle, designing a school of the future, and a range of other exciting topics.

The day consisted of four separate workshops with the school community able to book into as many sessions as they would like.

With the aim of getting teachers, students, and parents all joining in the conversation around STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship we had a brilliant day full of hands-on activities, deep conversations, and big ideas!

After a fabulous day with the broader community, we then set to work developing and delivering a full day teacher professional development program for 60 teachers at the school.

With the theme around 'The Curious Individual', the day saw teachers looking at how they could continue to nurture and grow curious, innovative and engaged students in the classroom.

In this action-packed day we covered a range of topics looking at how we teach, what we teach, and where we teach, and how that might change over the next 30 years.

This is just the beginning of our exciting work with LORDS and we can't wait to see the impact of these programs continue to spread across the school community!

To find out more about how you could get the BOP team to deliver something similar with your school community, check out our Professional Development Page, our School Incursions Page, or Contact Us to start the conversation.

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