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What's On At BOP - Upcoming Programs And Events

What's On At BOP

Our Upcoming Programs And Events Open To The Public

At BOP we deliver a diverse range of programming opportunities for primary and high school students across the country and around the world. For 2023, we're teaming up with some amazing partners that have these low-cost or no-cost programs available for you to book into today! 

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Airline Builders Holiday Program

Our Airline Builders school holiday program will see students learning what it takes to bring an airline to life as they plan a new airline for Australia

The Young Entreprenuers Hub

Young Entrepreneurs Hub

A series of school holiday programs running throughout the year for students looking to build launch and scale their own small businesses. 

Precinct Business Builders.png

Business Builders 

Hosted at the Queensland Start-Up Hub - The Precinct - join BOP Industries this school holidays as we teach teenagers how to build and create their own small business. 

The Future of Education Summit 2023 (1).png

The Future Of Education Summit

A one day summit for educators looking to create future-focused learning experiences for their young people to prepare them for the future of work.

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