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ZeroWaste By Ridhima Mitra

Founder: Ridhima Mitra

School: Year 8 Student At Brisbane South State Secondary College

Joined The YE Hub: January 2023

Business Name: ZeroWaste

Tell Us About Your Business:

ZeroWaste is an app that focuses on Australia’s growing food waste problem and a feasible way to solve it by connecting users who have leftover meals available to those who don’t have enough time to prepare their own meals so that food waste is reduced in the community.

How Did You Come Up With This Business Idea?

I thought of ZeroWaste after talking to my brother, a medical student, who doesn’t always have time to cook adequate meals through his workload and extra-curricular commitments. He mentioned that an app such as ZeroWaste could help him greatly as his peers already come over to offer leftover food and drink. He said that creating an app on this concept could allow more users like him and his peers to find ways of reducing food waste and solve this common problem.

What Products/Services Are You Offering And Who Are They For?

ZeroWaste is an app for anyone with busy lifestyles and who wants to help reduce food waste in their community. The app meets these needs by providing a platform with a map where people who are too busy to cook can find users in their community who are offering leftover meals and by enabling an easy process for users to update the map on whether they have food available for pick up. Essentially, it’s for anyone to use.

What Is Your Favourite Tool You Use In Your Business?

My go-to tool in my business is Canva. It’s easy to design logos and templates on the platform which look professional. It also helps me to design presentations and app mock-ups.

What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learnt In The Young Entrepreneurs Hub?

The Young Entrepreneurs Hub has taught me that building a successful business is a complex journey with multiple aspects. I now view brands with a more critical eye, appreciating the depth and detail that goes into creating them.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Young People Wanting To Start Their Own


My advice is to just go for any ideas that you’re thinking of. Starting early gives you a lot of time to focus on your idea and if you stumble along the way, at least you can learn more earlier on. Don't doubt yourself; you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for when ZeroWaste launched their website. Ridhima was able to participate in the Young Entreprenuers Hub program thanks to the generous support of The Office Of The Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.

To find out more about the Young Entrepreneurs Hub and how you can bring your own business idea to life, head to:


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