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MyVoice By Annie Rogers

Founder: Annie Rogers

School: Year 10 Student At St Andrew's Lutheran College

Joined The YE Hub: January 2023

Business Name: My Voice Communications

Social Media:

Tell Us About Your Business:

My Voice tackles the issue of the lack of eye-contact received by non-verbal people by projecting the users voice from their chest rather than their communication device situated in front of them. My Voice aims to be a game changer for those feeling invisible in our world.

How Did You Come Up With This Business Idea?

In a school entrepreneurship extra-curricular activity back in 2020, we were tasked to design a product or a service for ‘the greater good’. After some brainstorming and identifying issues I face or witness often, I created the My Voice. My best friend is non-verbal so after witnessing her face the issue of the lack of eye-contact she received for 6 years, I created the My Voice is 2020 and continuously work to bring it to market.

What Products/Services Are You Offering And Who Are They For?

My Voice is a small, lightweight, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker on a customisable necklace with an interchangeable pendant on the front. My Voice tackles the problem of the lack of eye- contact received by non-verbal people. My Voice’s target market is non-verbal people of any age or gender.

What Is Your Favourite Tool You Use In Your Business?

My favourite tool I use is Canva. I use it for absolutely everything from social media posts, stories and reels to creating a pitch deck or presentation background. Canva is such a game changer for business owners/founders.

What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learnt In The Young Entrepreneurs Hub?

The Young Entrepreneurs Hub has taught me how to get the most out of platforms like social media and use the algorithms in my favour. I have learnt the most effective way to start a business and start to gain traction, how to set myself apart from my competitors and have a cohesive business brand.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Young People Wanting To Start Their Own


As long as you believe in yourself and your business, you can’t fail so why not just start. Even if your product or service never hits the market, you will learn about yourself and build 21st-century skills, entrepreneurship skills and more.

To find out more about My Voice and to support Annie on her journey, make sure to follow My Voice on Instagram or Tiktok. Annie was able to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Hub program thanks to the generous support of The Office Of The Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.

To find out more about the Young Entrepreneurs Hub and how you can bring your own business idea to life, head to:


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