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Savvy J By Savannah Johnson

Founder: Savannah Johnson

School: Year 10 Student At Kelvin Grove State College

Joined The YE Hub: May 2022

Business Name: Savvy J

Social Media Link: @hello.savvyj on Instagram

Tell Us About Your Business:

My business is focusing on creating a range of earrings and keyrings, which will include unique 3D printed designs. Once these products have momentum, I’ll branch out into clothing such as hoodies and T-shirts that will be featuring my own art/designs.

How Did You Come Up With This Business Idea?

When I lived on the Sunshine Coast, I worked for a small independent business called ‘Go For Zero’ which specialized in selling Australian-made products. They then branched out to making their own products with the focus of zero waste packaging. I noticed that teenagers were very interested in the concept, but necessarily the products I was selling, I was passionate about this idea but decided to first do something more manageable. My business idea is to create earrings, keyrings and t-shirts featuring unique art that I will create.

What Products/Services Are You Offering And Who Are They For?

The products I’m offering are earrings and key rings that are personalized or customisable for people in the local community.

What Is Your Favourite Tool You Use In Your Business?

To focus on creating unique fun quirky designs and using Instagram to create a following and platform to market my products.

What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learnt In The Young Entrepreneurs Hub?

The Young Entrepreneurs hub taught me the knowledge and skills needed to start my own business and the most important lesson I was taught was the power of individuality and creativity, and how success comes after perseverance.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Young People Wanting To Start Their Own


My advice would be to undertake what you’re most passionate about and turn it into a way you can make profit.

To find out more about Savvy J and to support Savannah's business journey, make sure to follow @hello.savvyj on Instagram. To find out more about the Young Entrepreneurs Hub and how you can bring your own business idea to life, head to:


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