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Four Top Tips For Coming Up With An Effective Business Name

Naming a business or a product is quite possibly one of the trickiest things you will do whilst starting a business. Once committed, names are hard to change and the name you choose will follow your business everywhere. But never fear, it’s not all doom and gloom! Here are some of our top tips for coming up with awesome names:

Brainstorm Some Keywords 

Have a think about some of the keywords you want to be associated with. Make a big list and then start mashing some of the words together. It could either be two seperate words, or you could mix the words together to create an entirely new word. Who knows! It’s just important that the name is easy to read and pronounce. 

Look At The Translations 

Try translating some of your keywords into other languages and see what you find! Often words in beautiful languages have quite the ring to them and can make for great business names. Again, just make sure they are easy to spell and pronounce. 


Don’t be afraid of acronyms either. Now please don’t go and smoosh the first letters of your names together (PLEASE!) but acronyms for other things can be good! For example BOP stands for ‘Buy Our Product’! 

Think Outside Of The Box 

Business names don’t just come from adjectives and pretty sounding foreign words, they can also be found in strange places. Look at taking inspiration from famous people, history, place names and even the periodic table. Inspiration can be found in the funniest of places! 

So, whilst it is always a challenge to find an awesome business name, we hope these tips will point you in the right direction.

If you're looking for more information on how you can bring your business to life make sure to have a look at our Young Entrepreneurs Hub. Alternatively, you can download our free Young Entrepreneurs Starter Kit.


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