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Artimal By Midori Nanamiya

Founder: Midori Nanamiya

School: Year 9 Student At Kelvin Grove State College

Joined The YE Hub: May 2022

Business Name: Artimal

Social Media Link: @art1mal On Instagram

Tell Us About Your Business:

Artimal is friendly, creative and passionate. My mission is to use my drawing skills to help animals and the environment. I am hoping to be connected with places such as RSPCA and to have inspired customers through meaningful artworks to solve our current problems such as the number of animals euthanized in shelters or climate change.

How Did You Come Up With This Business Idea?

I came up with the idea because at least 200,000 pets in shelters are euthanized in Australia every year with over 60,000 reports of animal neglect. I want to help so that the number of animal deaths decrease so I am thinking 10 to 20% of my earnings will be used for donations towards animal welfare so that animals can get necessary needs such as enough food and shelter.

What Products/Services Are You Offering And Who Are They For?

I sell personalized pet portraits. This would be done by the customer sending a picture of their pet to me and then I hand draw on paper or digitally. I would also sell animal or environmental related products (mostly for events like Christmas). Besides people with pets, my products are also for people who love and want to help animals in shelters.

What Is Your Favourite Tool You Use In Your Business?

My favourite tool to use in my business is my Apple pen, Procreate and Canva. This is because I can create my artwork using Procreate and my pen. As well as making Instagram posts more engaging, Canva also helps make the posts more visually appealing.

What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learnt In The Young Entrepreneurs Hub?

The most important thing I learnt was that you can start a business at any age. I also learnt how to pitch and brand my business. I learnt the importance of colours and how they can subconsciously make people sense a type of feeling and represent meanings. Therefore, the main colours of Artimal are white and green, which represent nature, quality, purity, and innocence.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Young People Wanting To Start Their Own


Don’t be embarrassed of your first work because that means you started early and will improve and learn as you do your business!

To find out more about Artimal and to support Midori's business journey, make sure to follow Artimal on Instagram. To find out more about the Young Entrepreneurs Hub and how you can bring your own business idea to life, head to:


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