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Classroom Resources

Future-Focused Resources To Get Your Students Developing Their 21st Century Skills

When it comes to crafting authentic, impactful, and engaging learning experiences for young minds in the classroom, a considerable amount of effort is invested in the research, design, and delivery process. 

Introducing our new Classroom Resources! These teaching resources have been carefully curated from our most popular activities featured in our incursions. The activities included in these resources have proven to captivate young minds, foster meaningful engagement, and facilitate future-focused learning experiences.

Each of our classroom resource bundles comes with a How-To Guide' which includes instructions on how to facilitate the templates plus a series of our favourite case studies such as Youtube videos and top innovative organisations. 


Classroom Resources

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We offer a diverse range of resources available for schools around the world to access. Each of our resources have been designed to challenge students to develop their skills in design thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation as they develop an out-of-the-box solution to a real-world challenge. Our Classroom Resources can be found below:

Design Thinking 101

Problem Solving, Creativity, Prototyping And Iteration, Collaboration, Research, User-Centred Design, Critical Thinking

Resource Bundle

Grades 4 - 12

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Pitching 101

Communication, Public Speaking, Confidence, Leadership, Presentation Tools, Persuasive Pitching, Audience Awareness

Resource Bundle

Grades 4 - 12

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User Centred Design

Communication, Visual Design, Accessibility, Future-Thinking, Customer Experience, User And

Peer Feedback

Resource Bundle

Grades 7-12

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Youth Advisory Board

Leadership, Communication, Strategic Thinking, Teamwork, Networking, Ideation Decision-Making, Advocacy

Resource Bundle

Grades 7-12

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Future Of Food 

Design-Thinking, Global Awareness, Future-Focus, Problem-Solving, Creativity Sustainability And Environmental Impact

Resource Bundle

Grades 5-10

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Jobs Of The Future

Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, Problem Solving, Global Citizenship

Resource Bundle

Grades 8-12

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Business Builders

Ideation, Communication, Social Media, Digital Literacy, User Centred Design, Global Citizenship, Branding And Design

Classroom Resource

Grades 7-12

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