Top Tech For Makerspaces - Free Resource

Looking to build, open or update a makerspace or STEM hub in your community? We've pulled together some of our top technology must haves for any ideation, creation and innovation space.


Augmented Reality is a an interactive way to explore, create and learn. This

technology superimposes a virtual reality onto the real world and allows users to

overlap virtual images, sounds and text onto a screen. Imagine being able to see a

life-like image of a brain and be able to dissect it and explore its functions - that's

Augmented Reality!


In this guide, we will look at six different Augmented Reality platforms and explore

how they can be used to create an innovative and creative learning environment for

your students. Not only will students be engaged whilst learning and completing

activities, but they will also come back to their experiences to recall key learnings.

Augmented Reality has some extraordinary uses and is incredibly versatile for

teachers and students alike.

Top Tech For Makerspaces - Free Resource

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