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Explore our favourite tech for the 21st-century classroom in 2021! Our focus for 2021 was hands-on technology experiences for the classroom and this resource focuses on some of the tech we loved using in 2021! 


Young people today are growing up in a world very different to that experienced by any other generation that has come before. Surrounded by touch screen devices, social media, and wifi, young people today often learn how to operate a device before they learn how to form full sentences.


With so much technology present in our lives outside of the classroom, we as educators also need to consider how we can utilise technology in the classroom to inspire and engage our students.


In this resource, we have highlighted a selection of our favourite technologies for the classroom. These technology tools are all either low or no cost and are lots of fun for students (and teachers) to use in the classroom.


We have made sure to choose tools that require minimal tech setup and tech capability, so any teacher from subject area can pick the tools up and implement them straight into the classroom.


We would also encourage you to do some research online to find lesson plans, tips from other teachers, and potential ideas on how to use these tools. All of the tools in this resource are used by teachers across the country and around the world, and there is a plethora of information available for how to use them with different types of students, in different subject areas.


We can't wait to see what you create with your students!



What's In The Resource:

- 1 Page Overview Of The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom 

- 5 Of Our Top Tech Recommendations For 2021

- Links And Recommendations To Help You Implement Technology Into Your Classroom

Technology For The 21st Century Classroom 2021 Edition - Free Resource

  • This is a free download available for parents, teachers and students around the world. To download this resource, just add this (and as many other resources as you like) to your cart and check out as you normally would. You will be able to download these straight away without being charged. 

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