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Throughout our travels, we have had the pleasure of working with passionate and driven young people from across Queensland. In our work with these students, we always ask them to identify issues on a global, national and local level and we love hearing their responses.


One thing that is a common theme throughout these conversations is that these young people want to see change in the world and they understand that it is up to them to make that change. Our youth are passionate about making positive change and they truly want to make a difference.


We thought we'd put together a regional innovation report to highlight the top issues on students' minds around the state. By highlighting these issues, we want to challenge government, corporates and schools to listen to what their young people have to say, and to do their part to help them fix the issues in their communities that they are passionate about.


What's Included In This Resouce:

- 1 x Page Introduction Into The Importance Of Community Leadership For Gen Z 

- 11 x Pages Of Findings From 5 Regions In Queensland 

- Identification Of The Top Issues Identified For Each Region 

- Student Recommendations To Solve These Challenges 

- Recommendations On How To Support Students As They Work To Solve These Challenges. 

Regional Innovation Report - Free Resource

  • This is a free download available for parents, teachers and students around the world. To download this resource, just add this (and as many other resources as you like) to your cart and check out as you normally would. You will be able to download these straight away without being charged. 

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