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Introducing the Global Leaders Scenario Briefs – a unique educational tool that teaches students about the vital role of community leaders. These scenarios are designed to help students explore some of the most pressing issues facing our world today.


Working in teams, students will assume the role of specific stakeholders in a hypothetical community setting and will be challenged to develop innovative solutions that promote long-term sustainability goals. Each scenario includes a set of guidelines for students to consider as they brainstorm solutions to their respective focus areas. These scenarios can be linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and serve as a source of inspiration to get students thinking about how they can tackle some of the world's biggest challenges.


These scenarios offer a dynamic and engaging way for students to learn about the importance of leadership in our communities. By participating in these scenarios, students will gain a deep understanding of the complex issues that impact our world and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors. Through teamwork and collaboration, students will learn how to leverage diverse perspectives and come up with innovative solutions that address the needs of all members of their hypothetical community. 


Scenario Descriptions:

Scenario #1 Metropolia:

In the bustling city of Metropolia, Brazil, critical challenges demand your attention. Rapid urbanisation has led to housing shortages, contributing to increased carbon emissions and pollution. Additionally, the city lacks ample green spaces and sustainable transportation options, impacting residents' overall well-being. It will be your task to propose innovative solutions that address these challenges, fostering sustainable urban development and improving the quality of life in Metropolia.


Example Stakeholder Roles: Urban Planner, Environmental Scientist, City Mayor


Scenario #2 Equalityville 
Equalityville, located in India, is a vibrant city grappling with social disparities and striving for greater equality among its residents. The city faces challenges related to education, access to healthcare, gender equality, and economic opportunities. Your task is to propose innovative solutions that address these issues and contribute to fostering a more inclusive and equal society in Equalityville.


Example Stakeholder Roles: Education Advocate, Employment Equality Strategist, Minister of Inclusive Development


Scenario #3 Aquatopia 

Nestled on the Thai coast, Aquatopia is a coastal haven facing critical environmental hurdles. Challenges include the diminishing marine biodiversity, the vanishing terrestrial ecosystems, the repercussions of climate change, and the pressing need for accessible and sustainable energy solutions. Your mission is to devise inventive strategies to surmount these challenges and pave the way for a more resilient and ecologically balanced future in Aquatopia.


Example Stakeholder Roles:  Local Tourism Ambassador, Biodiversity Restoration Specialist, Marine Conservationist


Links To:

  • HASS 
  • Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Ethical Understanding

  • Intercultural Understanding

  • Personal and Social Capability


This resource is recommended for students in Years 8 - 12.


What's Included:

Three PDF Documents, Each Including:

  • Challenge Overview 
  • Challenge Areas 
  • Stakeholder Roles 
  • Guidelines 


About BOP Industries:

BOP Industries is an Australian education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of young innovators. Having worked with 100,000 students around the world, our team of innovative educators are passionate about creating future-focused learning experiences for young people. To find out more about BOP, head to:

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