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With schools looking to better bridge the gap between the classroom and industry through a series of events for their communities, the BOP team put their knowledge to use and created the  ‘Event Management Guide’ to help staff and students connect with industry mentors, speakers and guest presenters in an effective yet impactful way.


This event management guide features templated emails and messages, sample run sheets, and scaffolded speaker briefing documents to ensure the process of engaging with industry is as simple and straightforward as possible. Designed for students and staff, this guide will step readers through the process of identifying and engaging presenters for events in their school community. 


With the BOP Industries team engaging over 150 industry speakers every year, we have compiled our favourite resources, tips and tricks for schools to ensure their events with industry are world class. 


  • What's Included:
    • Step By Step Guide: A high level overview of the process of engaging with speakers and hosting a successful event with recommended timelines and check points. 
    • Recommendations For Finding Presenters: A set of recommendations on how you can find presenters in your networks, how you can go beyond your networks to find presenters, and what to look for when narrowing down your options. 
    • Templated Reach Out Emails To Engage Presenters: Templated emails to invite presenters to engage as a direct email, website enquiry, or as a LinkedIn message. 
    • What To Collect From Presenters: A list of things to collect from speakers in order to adequately promote them at your event, and a list of recommendations for how to promote your event. 
    • Briefing Template: A template for a speaker briefing document to send to presenters in the lead up to their session to ensure they have all the information they require. 
    • On The Day Recommendations: A list of recommendations for what to do on the day to ensure the presenter has a great experience at the event, and to ensure you collect everything you need to adequately highlight the outcomes of the event. 
    • Post Event Actionables: A list of recommendations and templated posts and emails to effectively promote the outcomes of the event, thank speakers, and ensure the border community and future speakers can see the impactful work you’re leading. 


This resource is recommended for teachers and students in Years 10 - 12. 


About BOP Industries:

BOP Industries is an Australian education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of young innovators. Having worked with 100,000 students around the world, our team of innovative educators are passionate about creating future-focused learning experiences for young people. To find out more about BOP, head to:


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If you would like a formal invoice for your accounts department to be raised for this purchase, please email with your unit selection. 

Event Management Guide

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