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The Rise Of The Multipotentialite Part Two

Multipotentialites have more going for them than just getting to do cool stuff like making violins in-between psychology appointments or teaching masterclasses in-between magazine editing (Find out what this means in Part Two). Multipotentialites have a few pretty special superpowers that make them incredibly valuable to any team and also gives them an edge in the workforce today and the workforce of the future. Do you know a multipotentialite?

#1: Skill Acquisition

Multipotentialites love learning about things they are interested in. They are able to learn fast and they’re not afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zones to try new things, they’re used to feeling like a novice in a new topic. Not only are they comfortable doing this, but they genuinely love to do this as well. They have a thirst for knowledge and when you get them interested in something, they will go out of their way to become an expert in that area. This is an extremely valuable skill for anyone to have as it allows them to stay at the top of their field and to embrace change moving forward. 

#2: Contextual Thinking 

As they switch hats between different areas of expertise, multipotentialites gain a diverse range of experiences and work with a diverse range of people. As they do this they gain an understanding of different points of view, different ways of thinking and most importantly, different ways of solving problems. This will help them not only in their studies but in their personal and professional lives as well. 

#3: Idea Synthesis

Whilst also learning how to work with people from across different areas, multipotentialites also have the ability to bring together knowledge from across different areas to provide a fresh perspective. Multipotentialites are able to combine knowledge, skills and ideas from seemingly disconnected places, industries and trains of thought, synthesise the ideas and create something at the cross-section that is entirely new and out of the box. 

#4: Conversation 

Whilst not something that is as easy to put on a resume, multipotentialists are also brilliant conversationalists. They have a genuine curiosity about just about everything, as well as a broad bank of knowledge that makes them able to have and hold a conversation with just about anyone. Their soft skills are incredibly well developed and used frequently.

#5: Innovation 

With all of this knowledge, these ideas and these connections, multipotentialites are fantastic innovators. Their minds are constantly ticking away, and imagining what is possible. They are always coming up with ideas, projects, products and solutions and they have innovative forward-thinking ideas. This is a skill that organisations are craving in employees as it allows them to stay at the cutting edge of their field and to introduce fresh ideas. 


It’s important to understand that every student is different and not every student is going to fit the same mould. Some students excel at specialisation and are quite comfortable diving deep on one specific topic, whilst others may be our multipotentialites that excel across the board as they dabble in different areas of interest. As our young people grow up we need to continue to expose them to different ideas, different ways of thinking and different potential career paths whilst assuring them that it’s okay for them to be curious and to try different things. 

As we see the future of work continue to develop as we enter a new decade, we’re seeing a higher demand for these multipotentialite skills, these 21st-century skills. Organisations today are looking for employees that are adaptable, think outside of the box and that can innovate, create and build. These are all skills that can be gained from students embracing their curiosity and trying a range of different things; whether it is studying a range of different subjects, having a portfolio of extracurricular activities, or by getting out there and doing work experience with a suite of organisations across industries. 

So whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a mentor or another kind of influence to any young people; encourage them to be multipotentialites. Push them to try something new, something they haven’t tried before, and nurture their diverse areas of interest. Give them permission to break the stereotypes and inspire them to develop a passion for learning that will allow them to excel in the areas that interest them. 

At BOP this is exactly what we aim to do and 'The Rise Of The Multipotentialite’ is our theme and our focus for 2020. So please, join us in empowering the rise of the Multipotentialite. 


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