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Six Top Tips For Growing Your Business As A Young Entrepreneur

As a young entrepreneur, it can be hard to learn how to grow your business idea. Luckily we've put together this article to share our six top tips on how you can launch and grow your business idea as a young person.


Now don’t worry, we’re not about to make you hit the gym first thing. In this instance, we’re talking about running sprints with tasks to complete. Whilst building a business is a marathon, breaking down your tasks into short, manageable sprints makes it seem a lot more achievable and will help keep you on track. Sprints can vary in length, but we usually recommend 1-2 week sprints as they short enough to keep the finish line just in sight, yet long enough that you can get some real work done. At the start of every sprint, set a series of goals and tasks you want to complete by the end of the 1-2 weeks and then get to work. 


With all these tasks, it can be tricky to remember what needs to be done and what has been done. For this, we recommend using a tool like Trello or Airtable. These are free tools that will allow you to manage all your tasks, set time tracking on them and even use checklists for them. Set up these tools at the start of every sprint and keep coming back to them as a North Star guide. 

Get Out There

Start talking to people, start sharing your idea and start meeting your customers. A fantastic quote that we love is that “you’ve got to sell yourself before you can sell your product” and this is very true in business.

Now, you may be wondering if people are going to steal your idea but remember, people are too lazy to execute on their own ideas, let alone steal someone else’s. Execution really is everything! By getting out there, people will know what you do and will be able to point you in the right direction and connect you with some important people in the area.

Find A Support Network

Running a business can be a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s exciting, terrifying, satisfying and oh so frustrating all at the same time and it’s important that you have a really strong support network behind you to help deal with those emotions. Whether it is in the form of friends, family, teachers or even fellow founders; having people to talk to will make all the difference. We love Coworking spaces because you are surrounded by hundreds of other people that totally get what you do and all the highs and lows associated. 

Stir Up Some Buzz 

When you run a startup, media and PR is your best friend! It’s free advertising to thousands of captive readers and listeners. Find what is exciting and interesting about what you’re doing and start sharing your story. You’ll most likely need to start with some small publications but gradually work your way up and soon you’ll be getting some pretty serious interest! 

Share Your Story 

Being vulnerable can be scary but it can also be a massive help. You’re on a pretty wild ride at the moment and you’ve got a pretty awesome story to share so start sharing it. Jump on the social media channels and blog, vlog and share and people will listen. You never know who might come across one of your posts and who might be able to help. 

Now remember, you are doing something pretty extraordinary at the moment and no matter how high the highs or how low the lows, you’re learning some pretty awesome lessons at the moment too. Stay true to yourself and your community and go and do some awesome things! 

If you're looking for how to scale and grow your business idea, make sure to have a look at our Young Entrepreneurs Hub to find out how you can access some support networks. Alternatively, have a look at our article on how to Build Your Network while building your business.

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