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Falcon Blasters By Harrison Hull-Jones

Founder: Harrison Hull-Jones

School: Year 12 Student At St Patrick's College Shornecliffe

Joined The YE Hub: September 2023

Business Name: Falcon Blasters

Social Media:

Tell Us About Your Business:

Falcon Blasters is an online store where you can buy gel blasters, blaster accessories, clothing apparel, and more. We focus on selling cheaper gel blasters while maintaining quality, safety and fun! We only sell gel balls that are eco-friendly, providing an alternative to conventional foam-dart blasters.

How Did You Come Up With This Business Idea?

Falcon Blasters stemmed from my own experience with gel blasters when I was younger. Like today, most gel blasters are expensive, non-eco-friendly, and can imitate real firearms, leading to massive concerns over their safety. To fix this problem, I wanted to sell gel blasters that were cheaper, eco-friendly and accessible to all demographics. That’s why I started Falcon Blasters as a platform, not just to sell gel blasters, but to help fix the stigma surrounding their safety.

What Products/Services Are You Offering And Who Are They For?

We sell everything from gel blasters and their accessories to clothing apparel such as masks and gloves so we can provide anyone with a great experience. All our gel blasters have near- identical gearboxes and internals as any other gel blasters you may find, except they have different bodywork’s that help dissociate themselves from other gel blasters that imitate real- firearms. Because of this, were able to maintain the quality of the gel blasters while making them more accessible to younger demographics through cheaper prices.

What Is Your Favourite Tool You Use In Your Business?

Platforms such as Shopify help me to accelerate my workflow, allowing me to connect various apps, products and services to my business without any hassle or difficulty. I can manage all aspects of my business in an easy-to-use web application, that I can also access via a dedicated app.

What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learnt In The Young Entrepreneurs Hub?

The most important thing I learnt was that I’m not just limited to an online store, that I can expand my business in the real world via places like markets. I was taught all about the getting setup for sales and how I can have a real-world presence, in collaboration with my online presence, achieving the best from both worlds.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Young People Wanting To Start Their Own


If you have an idea for a business, but you’re hesitant to start. The best thing to do is to jump in, do your research, and learn as much as you can. There will be points where you fail, or stuff up, but every “mistake” is just a springboard for new avenues of experience, learning, and growth.

To find out more about Falcon Blasters and to support Harrison on his journey, make sure to check out the Falcon Blasters website:

To find out more about the Young Entrepreneurs Hub and how you can bring your own business idea to life, head to:


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