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Fun Business Projects For Your Kids To Try This School Holidays

Are you looking for a project that will keep your kids busy this school holidays? Why not get them to start their own small business? There are lot's of great resources out there to help them, and they don't need much at all to get started. Here are our favourite ideas to get them started:

Idea #1 - DIY Accessories & Jewellery

With some craft supplies, a bit of hard work, and a hint of creativity your kids could be creating their own earrings, necklaces and bracelets in no time. There is a massive demand for handmade jewellery at local markets and on platforms such as Etsy, and it's a simple and creative product that your kids can create without breaking the bank.

If you're wondering what sort of jewellery they can make, check out this article for some inspiration.

Our favourite places to find materials for the jewellery would be your household recycling bin, places like Reverse Garbage, or your local Salvation Army or Vinnies store. Alternatively, there are some great DIY kits you can pick up from your local Spotlight.

Idea #2 - Candle Making Company

A staple in every household is a good candle. Whether it's a candle by the bath to relax after a long day, or candles at the dinner table to leave the house smelling delightful, candles are an easy sell to most people, and a great place to start for your kids.

When it comes to a candle making company, your kids will have a great time making their own candles, as well as creating their own brand around the candles they are selling. Will their brand be sleek and stylish? Or perhaps bright and colourful?

You can pick up some relatively inexpensive candle making kits from your local Spotlight, or a specialist candle store. Another fun twist for the kids could be looking at all the different things you could make candles out of, such as special modules, funky glasses, or even old bottles. You can get some inspiration here.

Idea #3 - Soaps And Bathbombs

If your kids are wanting to get their hands dirty, or soapy we should say, why not get them to make their own soaps and bathbombs? This is not only a great idea for a business, but also a really fun experience making the products!

With a DIY soap or bathbomb business, your kids can have endless hours of fun as they try creating different shapes, colours, sizes and scents with their products.

If you're wanting to make soap from scratch, there is a great set of recipes here. Alternatively, you can find bathbomb making kits right here.

Idea #4 - Services Such As Lawnmowing Or Tech Support

Finally, if you have more of a hands-on child, a service-based business could be the way to go! We're seeing a lot of students creating their own lawnmowing business, or even a tech support business to help out members of their local community.

More broadly, get your kids thinking about all the things they love doing and if there are people out there that might pay them to do those things for them. For example, your kids might want to do dog walking, or perhaps video and photo editing. Once they have decided, start with a few Facebook posts in local community groups offering their services and go from there!


These are just some of the many business ideas that you could use to keep your kids busy this school holidays! If some of these jump out to you, make sure to have a look at our free blog posts on how to start a business as a young person. And if you're kids are looking for some support to bring their ideas to life, bring them to one of our Young Entrepreneurs Hub programs in the next school holidays!

If you're looking for more projects to keep your kids busy during the school holidays, we'd love to see them at one of our School Holiday Programs.


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