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The Future Of Long Haul Flying School Holiday Program

The Future Of Long Haul Flying School Holiday Program





What Does The Future Of Long Haul Flying Look Like?

Over the course of two-action packed days, the Future Of Long Haul Flying School Holiday Program with Aviation Australia will see students exploring how airlines around the world are tackling the challenge of distance as they launch ultra-long-haul flights to move passengers around the world. 

Australia is one of the most geographically remote countries in the world, and with that, up until today, many parts of the world have been unreachable in a direct flight. With recent innovations in the aerospace industry meaning that new ultra-long-range aircraft will soon be able to connect the East Coast of Australia with parts of Europe and North America in a direct flight, airlines and airports across the country are now looking at how they will cater for ultra-long-haul routes. 

The Future Of Long Haul Flying program will see students participating in challenges, hearing from guest speakers, and touring hangar and training facilities as they design a series of ultra-long-haul routes to connect Brisbane with the world. 

Over the course of the program students will be redesigning a new section of the Brisbane Airport international terminal to cater for passengers about to board a +20 hour flight, before they then explore the in-flight experience, sustainability factors to consider, and the marketing of this new route. Students will then conclude the program by presenting their ideas to a panel of aviation experts for judging and consideration. 

This is an action packed program of experiences for young people passionate about aviation and interested in learning about all the exciting opportunities available to them in the aviation industry.  

Who It's For:

There is a primary and a high school stream of this program running concurrently. The primary stream of the program is open to Grade 3-6 students with the high school stream open to Grade 7-10 students.

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