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Cross River Rail Transport Transformation Project

Throughout the year we have had the immense pleasure of working with the Cross River Rail. As a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project in Queensland, community engagement and education is a top priority for the project.

At BOP we have been working with the Cross River Rail to develop and deliver programs aimed at inspiring and empowering Queensland students in primary and high school. A big part of our role with the organisation has been around developing programs, resources, and opportunities to engage students in their learning as they see how their learning in the classroom translates to the real world.

Through this engagement, we have had the pleasure of creating free resources and digital workbooks for teachers and students to download. Launching with National Science Week in 2020 we saw over 300 parents, teachers, and students accessing these resources in just one week, incorporating these into student learning at home and in the classroom.

In addition to this, we also worked with the Cross River Rail to develop and deliver a series of free online classes on topics around the science and history of tunneling. These classes were again a hit with 60 seats selling out in just under 24 hours with students joining from across the country.

Since seeing the demand for those industry-linked resources, we have been working with the Cross River Rail to further develop and deliver short courses and multi-day programs aligned with the Australian Curriculum for primary and high school students.

For more information on how you create resources and programs for your organisation, make sure to head to our For Corporates page.


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