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Free Classroom Resources

Entrepreneurship - Innovation - STEAM

At BOP we have the pleasure of working with teachers around the world to create real, relevant, and relatable learning experiences for their students around the themes of entrepreneurship, innovation and STEAM.

Along our journey, we've create a series of resources to help educators inspire and empower their students, and to help you inspire students in your classroom, we wanted to give you a few for free! 

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The BOP Team Building Blueprint

Hipsters, Hackers, Hustlers, And Humanists In The Classroom

Every good team needs a mix of people with a diverse range of skills. In our programs, we love to use the personas of Hipsters, Hackers, Hustlers and Humanists. These four personas are designed to help students identify their strengths in a team, and in a business. 

This resource comes with a printable poster for the classroom, printable cards for students, and a set of slides and graphics for classroom activities. 

Free Online Masterclasses

Inspire And Empower Your Students To Become Young Changemakers!

As educators, it's our job to inspire and empower our students as we prepare them for the workforce of the future. For any of your students that want to build businesses, become industry leaders, or make change in their local community, our 21-year-old CEO and Founder Scott has sat down to record a series of online masterclasses to get them started!

This is a free, 10 part youtube masterclass where Scott shares his story, his learnings and his top tips for students, parents and teachers. 

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21st Century Leader Profiles

Young People Making Real Change In Their Communities Around The World

With a big push for 21st-century skills in the classroom, it's imperative that we show our students where these skills can take them in the world outside our school gates. We've created this resource to profile young leaders from across the country and around the world that are great examples of 21st century skills in action.  

This resource is a PDF thave contains 10 one page profiles of successful 21st century leaders. Each profile list's the achievements, skills, education and career path of these young leaders. 

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