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Upskill Your Innovative Educators For 2024!

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Primary & High School Educators

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Project Based Learning, Enquiry Based Learning, Industry Partnerships, Entrepreneurship Education!

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Free Resources, Units Of Work, Staff Professional Learning

Main Info

As a teacher, it can be hard to find real, relevant and relatable resources to help inspire and empower your learners. That's why our team of innovative educators have created a suite of resources designed to help you deliver future focused learning experiences to the young people in your school community.  


Free Resources

Downloadable PDF resources with activities for students, recommendations on learning tools and printable resources for the classroom.


Units Of Work

Term-Long Units Of Work For Your Team To Deliver In The Classroom, Complete With Lesson Plans, Slides, Printable Resources And Teaching Notes.


Professional Learning

Professional Learning workshops for educators on the topics of project-based learning, enquiry-based learning, industry partnerships and more. 

Free Resouces

Free Resources

After working with teachers, students and industry partners all around the world, we've created a selection of free resources for educators, students, and parents to access some of our top tips and tools on how to best prepare for our ever changing future of work. Click any of these free resources to download now! 

Units Of Work

Units Of Work

To help your students develop their 21st-century skills, we have a selection of term-long units of work centred around design thinking and project-based learning. Each unit comes complete with a unit plan, +130 slides, +10 printable classroom templates, video walk-throughs and challenge task sheets for students. With 10 lessons per unit, these programs are ready for your team to pick up and start teaching! 

The Future Of Retail

A 10 lesson unit that will see students exploring the future of retail as they reimagine the in-store and online experience of one of their favourite brands whilst also exploring the sustainability initiatives they could lead.  

The Future Of Food

A 10 lesson unit that will see students learning about innovations such as 3D printed food, lab grown meat and vertical farms as they create an out-of-the-box solution to the challenges facing food production and consumption today. 

The Future Of Sport

A 10 lesson unit that will see students using technology and sustainability concepts to design a new sporting stadium for their local community as they consider spectator experience and emerging sports-tech trends.    

Mental Health Hackathon

A 10 lesson unit that will see students developing their user centred design skills as they develop in-school programs, community spaces and digital solutions to support other young people with their mental health.  

Ethical Innovations

A 10 lesson unit that will see students designing their own responsible social media platform that focuses on user wellbeingStudents will be thinking big about the role digital plays in the way we connect and collaborate. 

Professional Learning Workshops

Professional Learning

Our Professional Learning workshops have been designed to get educators looking at the importance of 21st-century skills in the classrooms as they develop an understanding of how teachers can use these skills to enhance their daily classes and prepare students for the unknown future of work.

Our Schools

Our team of innovative educators have had the pleasure of working with over 80,000 students across Australia and around the world since 2018. Here are some of the schools we work with:


Our Work

The BOP Team are in classrooms across the country almost every day of the year. As we work hard to tailor programs and resources to every school, class and community. Here are some of our recent programs: 

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Building Your Personal Brand

A 40 minute masterclass for innovative educators to help them build their personal brands as they grow their networks and access opportunities for their students.


Industry Partnerships For Schools

A series of professional learning sessions with educators from across the ISQ network to help them connect their classrooms and school communities with industry. 


STEM Skill Profile Resources

A collaboration with Catholic Education Western Australia to develop STEM Skill Profiles for students, teachers, and parents across the CEWA network. 


Deep Learning Units Of Work

A series of 10 week long units of work for BTAC teachers to deliver to students to help develop skills around deep learning, soft skills, innovation and leadership. 


Enquire About A Resource Or Program

If you would like to organise a unit of work or professional learning workshop for your staff, make sure to submit an enquiry below and our team will be in touch to see how we can help!

Thanks For Enquiring! Our Team Will Be In Touch Shortly To Confirm Your Enquiry And Finalise Your Booking.

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