School Holiday Program

Welcome Packs

Thank you for booking in to one of our School Holiday Programs! We can't wait to see you at the Brisbane Business Hub soon. Please find each program's Welcome Packs available for download below.

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Term 1 School Holidays - Business Builders Camp

12th April | One Day Program | 9am - 3pm

Our Business Builders after-school program is designed to show young people how they can build and create their launch strategy for their very own business idea.

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Term 2 School Holidays - STEM Camp
5th & 6th July | Two Day Program | 9am - 3pm

In our School Holiday STEM Camp, we will be exploring a range of hands-on creative technologies as they work to solve a series of challenges and see how these technologies can be used to innovate around the world.

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Term 3 School Holidays - Designed Spaces Camp
20th & 21st September | Two Day Program | 9am - 3pm

As technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, so does the way we work, live and play. How can we ensure that the Designed Spaces for our schools, workplaces and communities can accommodate these advancements?

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Term 4 School Holidays - Christmas Creators
13th & 14th December | Two Day Program | 9am - 3pm

With the holidays just around the corner, we’re all busy decorating our houses, shopping for gifts, and getting into the Christmas spirit. But, have you ever thought about designing and creating your own gifts, decorations, and tools for the holiday season?

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