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The Future Of Long Haul Flying

Preparing Our Airlines And Airports For Ultra-Long-Haul Travel



About The Program

The Future Of Long Haul Flying program has been designed to get students exploring how airlines around the world are tackling the challenge of distance as they launch ulta-long-haul flights to move passengers around the world.

Australia is one of the most geographically remote countries in the world, and with that, up until today, many parts of the world have been unreachable in a direct flight. With recent innovations in the aerospace industry meaning that new ultra-long-range aircraft will soon be able to connect the East Coast of Australia with parts of Europe and North America in a direct flight, airlines and airports across the country are now looking at how they will cater for ulta-long-haul routes. 

The Future Of Long Haul Flying program will see students participating in challenges, exploring case studies from around the world, and localising ideas as they design a series of ultra-long-haul routes to connect their city with the world. 

Over the course of the program students will be redesigning a new section of their closest airport international terminal to cater for passengers about to board a +20 hour flight, before they then explore the in-flight experience, sustainability factors to consider, and the marketing of this new route.

This is an action packed program of experiences for young people passionate about aviation and interested in learning about all the exciting opportunities available to them in the aviation industry.

Age Group

This program has been designed for Primary & High School students and is recommended specifically for Grade 5-10 students.

Program Length

This program can be adapted in length to run for a half day, full day, or two days in length.

Longer programs allow students to further develop their skills and dive deeper into the program content. Shorter programs are great as a taster experience for students touching lightly on the key topics.

Topics Covered

In this program we will be covering the following topics:

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Case Studies

The Future Of Long Haul Flying program is an incredibly popular program for aviation enthusiasts looking to develop their skills and experience as they bring their ideas to life.

Examples of how schools have utilised this program in the past include:

Aviation State High School | Year 7-8: A two day workshop for extension students to help them develop their skills in design thinking, and their aviation specific knowledge.

Aviation Australia | Year 3-10: A two day program for students over their school holidays to explore careers in the aviation industry.

We understand that every school and every class is different. That is why our team of experienced facilitators work with every client to tailor each program to their context.

Let's Chat

We understand that every school and every class is different. If you'd like to chat further about how we can make this program the best fit for your context, book a free 15-minute call with our team of facilitators to chat further! 

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If you would like to organise a program for your students, make sure to submit an enquiry below and our team will be in touch to help bring your program to life!

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