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With the tourism industry making up 5% of the Australian workforce, and with tourism coming in as Australia’s fourth largest export, the Australian tourism sector is one that continues to grow and evolve in response to consumer demand. 


Our Tourism Trailblazers program has been designed to show students the diverse range of opportunities available to young people in the tourism industry as they explore the myriad of jobs and businesses that operate in the sector around the world. 


Over the course of the program, students will be challenged to design a unique tourism experience for their local community with a focus on local history, connection to community, and adoption of emerging trends and innovations. 


Using a design thinking approach, students will be researching how communities around the world have created unique experiences for visitors in an attempt to boost tourism to their city or town. After exploring case studies from around the world, students will be breaking into teams and working to design a new and exciting tourism experience for their own community as they find innovative ways to promote their city to the world. 


As students identify the target audience, plan the promotion, and design the experience they will be encouraged to think big as they incorporate emerging trends around sustainability and technology in their solution. After working hard to bring their idea to life, students will prepare a brief 2-3 minute pitch ready to deliver at the end of the program. 


Topics covered:

  • Design Thinking 

  • Community History 

  • Localisation 

  • Business Models 

  • User Personas 

  • Tourism Careers

  • Sustainability 

  • Technology

  • Branding And Marketing 

  • Pitching 


Age Group: This program can be tailored to students from grades 7 - 12.


Time Length: We recommend running this program over 4 - 6 hours or over multiple days, however, it can be tailored for shorter or longer time periods depending on how deep you would like us to go on the topics.

Tourism Trailblazers

  • We have created this listing as an overview of the workshop and approximate pricing. For more information and to book, please contact our team at and we will be happy to assist.

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