Ideation To Creation

Do you have students interested in starting their own businesses but not quite sure how to? Join us for our Ideation To Creation session where students will be exploring the diverse range of businesses that they can create in their introduction to entrepreneurship. 


This session will see students identifying business ideas that they could realistically start throughout the term. With topics ranging from how to build an influencer brand to how to create products from youtube tutorials, launching serviced based businesses and more, students will see that business ideas don’t just come from the top business students, they can come from anywhere and anyone.


After identifying a business idea they are passionate about, we will then be building that idea out as we look at our branding and marketing, our customers, our product design and our go to market plan. Throughout the session we will be exploring real world case studies of our favourite brands to see what makes them tick, before then applying that knowledge to our own businesses. 


Topics Covered:

  • How Businesses Work

  • Identifying A Business Opportunity

  • Creating A Brand 

  • Developing A Basic Business Model 

  • Developing A Basic Product Design 

  • Pitching 


Age Group: This program can be tailored to students in primary and high school depending on how advanced you would like the content. 


Time Length: This program has been designed to be delivered over the course 2-3 hours.

Ideation To Creation

Time Length
Age Group
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