Introducing our Hologram display for tablet! Simply sit our sleek, stylish displays on top of your tablet and play one of the thousands of videos on youtube and you'll have your very own hologram. 

For those who are wondering what our hologram displays do, they project floating images and videos over your device - think Star Wars and Iron Man! Be it animals, people, movie characters, graphics or any other animations, our holograms show them all in 3D. You are even able to make your own videos so you can have holographic videos of yourself or holographic photo albums.


The display itself is the dark inverted pyramid pictured above. Sit that one your device with one of the suggested videos playing, and you're set! 

These are also great as they work with all brands of phone and tablet and there are no expensive apps required - just youtube. Our displays are easy to use and come with a full set of instructions on the set up. These powerful little units have a range of uses and provide hours of entertainment so make sure to get yours now. 

Hologram Display for Tablet

  • When you order one of our hologram displays you will recieve the display (the invert pyramid pictured) as well as one of our how to hologram guides. These guides go through all the different ways you can create with these holograms and some ideas to get you started.


    All of the software is free so you'll be set as soon as you have the pyramid. 

  • Our holograms are really easy to use and work with a range of different devices. It doesn't matter if you have an apple or an android, as long as you have a screen and access to the internet, you'll be fine!


    For more info on how our holograms work, make sure to head to the link below.


    Hologram Links 


    Everything You Need To Know About Holograms 

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