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In our media, we’re continually hearing about role automation and robots stealing our jobs when it comes to the future of work. It’s painted as a future full of fear, peril and uncertainty. Our ‘Future Of Work’ workbook aims to change this narrative, getting students excited about the amazing opportunities available to them when it comes to the future of work.


Looking at the 100 Jobs Of The Future, we will have students exploring roles that are expected to become available in the next 20-50 years. Students completing this workbook will be defining job descriptions, building resumes and linking these roles to jobs that already exist today to demystify the fear surrounding the future of work. This is an engaging program perfect for senior students wanting to explore their future pathways. 


This workbook is designed for high school students and takes approximately two hours to complete.

Future Of Work Workbook - High School

  • This workbook has been designed for students to download and complete by themselves or with the assistance of a teacher or parent. The workbook will come with instructions for students as they complete challenges, watch videos, read articles and work through the program. 

    We ask that you purchase one workbook lisence per school using the workbook.

    Should you have any questions whilst completing this workbook, please do not hesitate to contact the BOP team by emailing us at

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