Future Of Work Whitepaper - Free Resource

The world is progressing faster than we could have ever imagined. As technology advances, and new industries are born, the demand for new skill sets will emerge. The next generation, also known as Gen Z, Centennials, Founders, and iGen, will be exposed to experiences and opportunities that we have never dreamed of.


The world of work in developed countries is likely to undergo major transformations in the next few years. At present, there are no commonly accepted visions for the future of work, and therefore a majority of the educators, policy makers and governments aren’t in a position to debate the narrowed scope of the skills we need for the future workforce, or how we prepare the young and future generations for the future of work.


This paper brings our viewpoint on what the future of work means for educators who are unamused by the jargon such as #FutureofWork #Automation #AI #WhatsNext #GenerationZ #FutureSkills #FutureGen and provides helpful resources and guidance on how to prepare Gen Z for the workforce.


This paper also uncovers the mindset, priorities, habits, and behaviors of this new generation - the Gen Z. They are poised to change everything. But probably not in the way people may assume.

Future Of Work Whitepaper - Free Resource

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