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The future is changing rapidly and the way we live, work, and play is evolving and developing on a daily basis. We are continually seeing innovations that enter our lives that impact our communities and how we interact with the world around us. Think about augmented reality creating face filters on Snapchat and Instagram, 3D printing allowing us to print furniture, cars, and even food, and robots that are so advanced it poses the question of whether or not they deserve human rights. These are just some of the advancements we have seen in the past decade, and the innovations that will continue to push boundaries into the future.


In our Digital Creators program, we will be exploring a range of hands-on creative technologies as they work to solve a series of challenges and see how these technologies can be used to innovate around the world.


In this program, students will be working with our team of facilitators to get hands-on with a range of new and emerging technologies such as holograms, augmented reality, 3D printing, and more. 


From there, students will be using this technology and their problem-solving skills to develop a series of out of the box solutions to some real-world challenges.


With programs built by engineers, entrepreneurs, community leaders and educators, these programs have been designed to be a fun and creative way for students to work on some real-world challenges over the course of the program.


Topics Covered:

  • Augmented Reality 

  • 3D Printing 

  • Robotics 

  • Holograms 

  • Mixed Reality 

  • Circuits 

  • Makerspace 


Age Group: This program can be tailored to primary and high school students.


Time Length: We recommend running this program over 3 - 6 hours, however it can be tailored for shorter or longer time periods depending on how deep you would like us to go on the topics.

Digital Creators

  • We have created this listing as an overview of the workshop and approximate pricing. For more information and to book, please contact our team at and we will be happy to assist.

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