Designed Spaces Workbook - High School

The spaces we use to live, work, learn and play are constantly growing and adapting to keep up with our ever changing needs, wants and desires. One of the best ways to design a space however, is to ask the end users what they want their space to look like. In our ‘Designed Spaces’ workbook, students will be challenged to redesign a specific area in their school or home to see how they can make the space more enjoyable for those using the space. 


Throughout this workbook students will be learning about end users, simple tech solutions to complex problems (such as the Volkswagen ‘Fun Theory’) as well as IoT and connected spaces before then turning their attention to identify a series of problems in the current space in question around their school. From there students will be using their new found skills in technology and design as well as their existing skills on area and perimeter to redesign the space for the end users. 


This workbook has been designed for high school students and takes approximately eight hours to complete.

Designed Spaces Workbook - High School

  • This workbook has been designed for students to download and complete by themselves or with the assistance of a teacher or parent. The workbook will come with instructions for students as they complete challenges, watch videos, read articles and work through the program. 

    We ask that you purchase one workbook lisence per school using the workbook.

    Should you have any questions whilst completing this workbook, please do not hesitate to contact the BOP team by emailing us at

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