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Building The Next Generation Of Business Leaders

Young Entrepreneurs Hub - The Process

Entrepreneurial skills are skills for life.

Due to the unprecedented global and technological transformation, digital disruption and complex economic environment, students are facing increasing uncertainty about their future. We believe that skills taught by the entrepreneurial journey will help them navigate this uncertain future. Exposure to entrepreneurship encourages creativity, innovation and collaboration.

The Young Entrepreneurs Hub (YE Hub) has been designed to connect high school entrepreneurs with the broader start-up community to support them as they work to launch and grow their businesses. In addition to creating, launching and growing a business, YE Hub Members will have the opportunity to develop as Digital Innovators and truly prepare for the Australian workforce of the future.

Business Learning

Through facilitated learning, workshops and masterclasses, YE Hub Members will develop real-life business skills. With the help of the BOP Industries Team, YE Hub Members can learn about:

  • Customer Personas & Market Validation

  • Product Design

  • Branding, Marketing & Sales

  • Business Building Finances

  • Business Operations

  • Pitching & Presenting

And if there's any area where our BOP Team feel additonal help is required, YE Hub students will have access to our extended network of Start-Up Founders & Industry Experts.

Connecting with Industry

When kicking off a business venture, pitching to the right person can be half the battle. For young people this can be a brand-new concept and one that's quite scary! With a YE Hub Membership, our team of networking ninjas can help you find the right person to learn from or pitch to.

As part of the YE Hub, members also have access to industry events, which can be amazing opportunities to learn from specialists, experts and leaders.

Co-Working Experience

One of the biggest shifts from high school to working life can be working style and environment. At the YE Hub, students can experience a co-working space and discover whether this environment is right for them. A combined challenge of working autonomously and in co-operation with others, the EQ skills developed through working in the YE Hub are not to be underappreciated.

What's more, working with like-minded entrepreneurs of a similar age is a great way to turbo-charge creative thinking and develop friendships and connections with interesting people.