Term Two Wrap Up

Halfway through the year already! Wow, 2019 is flying by!

Term two has been a big term for us here at BOP with lots of exciting opportunities and a whole new community of digital creators impacted and inspired. Our Easter holidays featured our third Innovation Camp with Virgin Australia, we saw the impact of these programs with students coming from as far as Longreach and Townsville just to participate. With students coming from across the state, they did not disappoint with their innovations either! We had students from 12 - 16 pitching ideas ranging from commercial aircraft flown on nothing but renewable energies to recycled flight attendant uniforms being used to create stylish chairs in the Virgin Australia lounges. Our third innovation camp was a hit with tickets selling out in less than one week!

From there we kicked off term two with a trip to Singapore to meet with some new partners and clients over there. In Singapore, we had a brilliant time connecting with International Schools and educators from around the world, whilst also chatting to industry leaders in the ASEAN region to explore future opportunities in Singapore and around ASEAN. Whilst we can't say anything right now, make sure to watch this space for some very exciting updates in the not too near future.

After getting back from Singapore, we had the pleasure of delivering a range of technology and entrepreneurship workshops to high school students around South-East Queensland, showing these students how technology can be used as a tool to change the world, and how entrepreneurship is more than just building the next Microsoft, and they can start businesses of all shapes and sizes. In addition, we also kicked off our first 'Future Founders' after school program with Ipswich Girls Grammar School, working with a group of girls from grade 7-10 after school to help them build and launch their own businesses. This was a fantastic program that saw the girls starting everything from small businesses selling handmade products to online stores, developing apps and more!

In May we also had a very special visitor all the way from Canada - our good friend Rochelle Prasad! Rochelle is an absolute rockstar over in Canada and someone that we have been following for a while. She runs Camp We Empower with students across Canada, helping inspire and empower them to be the leaders of tomorrow. We had a great time chatting all things youth empowerment and we loved showing her everything we were up to.

After the visit from Rochelle, we were off to China with the Australia China Innovation Centre (ACIC). As part of this trip, we spent five days in Shenzhen, China with three other brilliant Queensland startups exploring the Chinese ecosystem. Just across the border from Hong Kong, Shenzhen is known as the hardware capital of the world and the Silicone Valley of the east and is a hotspot for manufacturing and innovation.

Coming back from China, we were straight back into it with workshops and events across South-East Queensland and also a fantastic trip up to Hervey Bay to work with some of the local schools and the wonderful small business community at Community Cubed. Community Cubed has been set up to help support local small businesses in the region by giving them a manned store at the local shopping centre to showcase their products, as well as support, mentoring and programs to help to sustain and grow their businesses.

After we were back from Hervey Bay, we also had the pleasure of joining Independent Schools Queensland at their summit to talk about how we can better support parents, teachers and students in the conversations around what the future of work might look like for our high school students today.

Next up, we were joining the Australia China Innovation Centre to work with representatives from the Quzhou in China to showcase the amazing things happening in Australian business and what the future of education might look like for their students.

And then finishing up the term, we had a brilliant time working with our friends at Oakleigh State School in their 'Young Innovators' program. This program saw us working with their brilliant preschool and year one students to design, build and create! We did everything from designing and building programs using design thinking, to modifying and racing cars powered by renewable energies.

Now, that's a wrap for term two! We had such a brilliant time working with all of our amazing clients and partners, not to mention the brilliant students as well. At BOP we're incredibly excited for everything else that is still to come and we can't wait to hear from you all soon.

For more information on anything mentioned above, or any other queries you may have, make sure to head to www.bopindustries.com or email us at info@bopindustries.com.

Thanks again for your support and we can't wait to work with you again soon!

Scott and the BOP Team