St Patrick's College Startup Days

St Patricks College in Townsville has a big focus on 21st skills for their students and specialise in STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As part of this they have recently started offering a 'Startup' class for their year nine and ten students in line with the designed technologies curriculum.

As part of this startup class the students spend two years working on all things startups from building and running their own, collaborating with existing startups and learning the theory behind running a startup.

At BOP we've had the pleasure of working with the St Patricks team over the past two years to support their startup class and extend students thinking.

Each semester we spend a day with their startup students to help extend their thinking and tie their learning together. For this we will work with the teacher to get a broad overview of the curriculum for the semester and our team pulls out the key topics and crafts a custom program centred around the project for the students to complete over the course of this day.

The projects the students create will be able to carry through the semester and as they build the projects over the course of the day we incorporate challenges to help them develop different skills linked with the learning outcomes.

This format give the students a taste of the unit of work ahead of them whilst also allowing their teacher to then expand on the topics covered in the one day hackathon as students work throughout the term.

If you're interested in getting BOP to deliver startup programs at your school, make sure to head to our School Incursions page. If you'd like to get BOP to work with your region, make sure to Contact Us.