5 Technologies to Make Your Next Event Sparkle! ✨

Event organisers are always challenged to find a new way to set their event apart from the rest and wow guests with an unforgettable experience. This can often be a tricky task with a great deal of research and planning required to find something that will wow guests.

We do a lot of work in the event space and have been to a fair few ourselves so we thought we would put together this handy resource of our favourite event technologies and how they can be used for your next event!

#1: An Awesome Event App 😎 - Pathable

The key to great engagement between guests is, of course, having outstanding guests in the first place, but also giving them the tools to connect. By having a kick-ass event app such as Pathable your guests can do just that. Not only can they upload their own bio, links to their socials and other material, they can also connect with other attendees before the event. This allows them to spend less time in awkward conversations and more time making meaningful connections. From an event management side you also have the capabilities to upload the event schedule and send reminders and messages for guests so they know when and where their sessions are. After all, there is nothing worse than having to heard guests into their sessions at the end of the break!

#2: Holograms 😍 - BOP Industries

Holograms are still a very new technology but a stunning addition to any event none the less.

These displays are fantastic at capturing guest attention and also result in lots of photos and in turn, social media posts featuring your content! They have had great success in the role of centrepieces on tables, holographic product showcases and also acting as the welcoming committee in entryways. Being able to display any content you like from presenters to products, logos, annimations and more, they are a must have for any event out to impress!

#3: Chatbots for Events 🤓 - Concierge EventBot

Another emerging technology that has the potential to engage and connect guests, is using chatbots at your events! These chatbots can be set up to answer any questions your guests may have and will allow you to focus on the running of the event. Other abilities include the potential for guests to enter their interests and a bit about them and the engine then suggesting sessions to attend and guests to connect with. Chatbots are great for busy event organisers looking to save time.

#4: Social Media Engagement at Events 📱

For events that are looking to create a buzz on social media, there are some really cool and low cost things you can do to maximise engagement. The first of which is by live streaming and by getting guests to 'take over' the livestream for a select period of time. Encourage guests to jump on the event's Instagram story or Snapchat for an hour or two and give viewers and insight of what it is really like to attend the event, the people you meet and the sessions you can attend. This is a fantastic way at giving prospective clients an insight into what the event is really like as well as creating a social media buzz. At the same time, guests doing the livestream also get the opportunity to promote themselves and get increased engagement.

#5: Augmented Reality at Events 🌈 - Zappar

Augmented reality at events has the potential to be incredibly engaging. When done right,

augmented reality can provide guests with immersive, unforgettable experiences they can enjoy without the hassle or expense of wearables. Imagine walking around an event trying to find what session you want to go to. When you scan the symbol of the door of the first room you see a recording of the speaker stepping out of the room and giving you a run down of their talk and some key points. Alternatively, imagine sending guests on a treasure hunt around the event space, winning tokens for every talk they attend and every experience they can find. AR is quickly becoming a very exciting tool for creating stunning experiences to wow guests.


These are just a few of the exciting technologies making their way into the events space with even more to come in the very near future. We would love to hear what technologies you use in your events or that you have seen at other events!