Haileybury Incubator Program - Project Based Learning For Students

Since 2020 we have had the pleasure of teaming up with Haileybury College in Melbourne to support students working through the 'Haileybury Incubator Project'. With over 400 Year 9 students from four campuses across Melbourne completing the program at the same time, this is no small project, but we love every second of it.

The aim of the Haileybury Incubator Project (HIP) is to get students spending time exploring their passions, and then applying their skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, and design thinking to bring these projects to life.

Throughout the program, students are connected with mentors, guest speakers, and subject matter experts to help them develop their projects. At BOP we have the pleasure of working with the students to deliver a range of masterclasses on topics such as 'how to build a business model', 'branding and marketing 101', 'how to design a great product' and more, as we show students how they can bring their passion projects to life and commercialise them at the same time.

COVID restrictions were no barrier for our team either. Being based in Brisbane we found ourselves delivering these workshops and masterclasses to hundreds of students at a time over zoom and with the help of PDF resources created by our team as well.

We have had such a pleasure working with the Haileybury team to support the HIP program and we can't wait to continue our involvement into the future.

For more information on how you can get our team delivering masterclasses, or virtual programs to your students, make sure to head to our School Incursions page. If you'd like to enquire about something more custom, please Contact Us.

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