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Developing Future-Focused Leadership Skills For Students With The Innovation In Education Festival

A highlight of the year for us at BOP is getting to run the annual Innovation In Education Festivals in both Brisbane and Perth. With each festival bringing together over 200 education and industry leaders in person and online, we wanted to find a way to also bring students into the conversation as we explored the future of work, the future of school, and what this means for our students.

To do this, in 2022 we launched the Future Leaders Program in both Brisbane and Perth. Run in conjunction with the Innovation In Education Festival in each city this one-day program saw 80-100 students coming together from 8-11 schools across the local community to develop their future-focused leadership skills.

Research continues to show us all the ways in which the future of work is set to change with increases in globalised teams, hybrid work environments, technology adoption, automation and more. With all of these changes, we need to ensure we're preparing our young people to lead in this vastly different future they're walking into.

To do just this, we ran a full day program for students to explore the future of work and how young people can make a difference in their local community. The day started with a panel discussion of 'Industry Innovators' sharing their insights on their career pathways, lessons learnt along the way, and their advice for the next generation. With panellists including staff from Microsoft, the Queensland Ballet, Cross River Rail, River City Labs, and Purposeful, students started the day buzzing with ideas and inspiration.

From there we ran a series of activities centred around the role of technology in the workforce, how we as young people can make a difference in our local communities, and how we can build a personal brand as aspiring young professionals in our chosen fields.

To finish the day, we then hosted a 'Young Professionals Panel' discussion with young people 1-10 years out of school to share their learnings, insights and advice on how they were able to access opportunities and make a jump start on their careers.

Overall, both the Brisbane and Perth programs received incredibly positive feedback from all involved and we can't wait to make these regular staples of our Innovation In Education Festivals.

To find out more about how we could run a Young Innovators Day for your community, or to see what other engagement opportunities we have available for Industry, make sure to Contact Us.


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