Everything You Need to Know About Holograms!

What do you think of when I mention Holograms? Is it Star Wars? Reflective stickers? Science Fiction?

Well, for the sticker enthusiasts out there, unfortunately this is not the blog for you. For those interested in new and emerging technologies like we see in Star Wars and Iron Man, you're in luck! Whilst not exactly like Princess Leia, it's a step in the right direction, and they look pretty cool too. We work in the hologram space, developing units for a range of purposes, creating holograms from the size of a phone and tablet, up to our two metre tall units.

We've noticed most people aren't quite sure what holograms are, what they can do and what they are for. So here we give you 'Everything You Need to Know About Holograms!' - Your one stop guide to everything you need on the topic! With this under your belt you're sure to be able to impress your friends/kids/grandkids with your tech knowledge.

Things are moving fast!

One thing that we have found since we began work in the hologram market a few years ago is that it is still very much in its infancy. We are one of only a handful of companies around the world working in holograms and one of the handful of companies working in an industry that is expected to be worth over USD 5 billion by 2020. To give you a guide, that is about equal to the GDP of Fiji, or twice the GDP of Greenland.

This means this industry is growing fast! We are seeing new hologram designs and displays coming out more and more frequently with new features appearing all the time.

What exactly are holograms?

Now, for those of you still wondering what these holograms are, don't fret. Holograms use some different scientific principles that have been around since the mid 1800's to project an image onto a display, giving the illusion of a floating image.

The Pepper's Ghost technique was initially used for illusions, magic tricks and haunted houses and now in todays society is used most commonly in holograms and also to power teleprompters.

In essence, they use light reflections and refractions to create the illusion of a 3D hologram that can be seen in 360 degrees of viewing. With modern holograms we are seeing the implementation of more advanced technologies such as self tinting materials to allow the holograms to work in all lighting states. In addition to this, we are seeing more advanced technologies such as voice interaction and gesture control being implemented as well.

What can they be used for?

We have a range of different uses for our holograms and we pride ourselves on being able to create bespoke hologram solutions for any industry or setting. To see our full range of uses head to the hologram page on our website.

Some of our favourite uses for the holograms include the ability to have holographic presenters from anywhere in the world at your event! We have the ability to pre-record any speaker and then animate their presentation so as they are speaking it at your event, they can snap their fingers and have a product floating in their hands; wave their hand and have a bar graph appear in mid air.

Another use that we love is the ability to have your products floating in a hologram at trade shows or in store fronts. Imagine walking into a store and seeing the latest pair of shoes animated in a hologram. See orbs floating around the shoes, see them changing colour, changing style and more!

These are just two of our favourite uses for the holograms, there are hundreds of others! To see some more head back to our hologram page.

What do guests think?

We often see guests, customers and passers by stop and stare at the units. It is something most people have never seen before and something the majority of people think only exists in movies. We frequently see guests taking photos, tweeting, snapchatting and instagramming our holograms and then telling friends and relatives. We have found it is a technology that gets people excited and that people feel the need to share with others which is fantastic.

What's in it for our clients?

One of the great things about having a technology that gets people excited, is that it is your content people are tweeting, snapping and telling others about. People will associate your brand to the futuristic, new technology they saw. Whether it is your logo, product or even yourself in the hologram - that will be what people remember.

We have found that people are becoming immune to screens and not taking as much notice. Holograms on the other hand, draw people in and encourage them to engage with high retention rates of the content featured.

We often see companies using holograms to portray a sense of innovation, excitement and wow-factor in their brand.

What is involved in getting holograms for our events?

We make the process as easy as possible for our clients and make sure we do everything in-house. From the design and build of the units to the content creation and even the set up/pack down of the units at your event. For more information, just head to our website and send us a message!

Why did we choose holograms?

We have always loved new and emerging technologies, especially creative tech! Our founder, Scott Millar, initially discovered the hologram technologies online as part of a youtube tutorial using cut out CD cases. As a kid he loved to watch Star Wars and Iron Man and was infatuated with new and emerging technologies but was never able to afford or use them. Scott had some difficulties with the youtube tutorial but after a few hours, and a lot of destroyed CD cases, he had his very own hologram display on his phone.