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Classroom Career Resources Development With Kelvin Grove State College

With so many careers on offer for young people today, it can be hard to communicate them clearly and effectively to young people. To help with this, we teamed up with Kelvin Grove State College to create a series of twelve career posters with matching cards that were displayed and distributed around the college.

Each poster and card was aligned to a specific industry and would feature the broad categories of careers available in that industry, and then under each category of career, it would showcase some of the specific jobs available.

As well as showcasing the industries and jobs, these posters also featured specific training organisations, universities, programs, and partners available to students at the college that they can connect with for more information.

These resources were developed for the college's Way Beyond Today subject selection expo and have been a hit since, helping showcase different career pathways and jobs to students in a visual, easy to understand way!

This project was delivered by the BOP team working with the Kelvin Grove State College team to research, collate and finalise the content on the posters and cards, before then setting to work with the graphic design of the resources. After drafting the resources, they were then sent for printing and distributed around the school community.

For more information on how you can get resources created for your school or community, make sure to head to our Curriculum Design Page or Contact Us to see how we can help you!


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