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Cannon Hill Anglican College Enterprise Programs

Cannon Hill Anglican College is a leading P-12 school in Brisbane focussed on building well-rounded young adults prepared for the workforce.

As part of this the college has placed a large emphasis on enterprise skills around entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and community leadership.

As part of this focus the college runs end of term enterprise programs for their grade 7-10 students to spend three days completing programs to develop their enterprise skills.

At BOP we have the pleasure of working with the college to design, develop and facilitate a number of these programs each year that have been designed to build student skills year on year.

From developing design thinking skills as students redesign areas of their school campus, to tackling challenges set by Australian organisations, starting small businesses, launching community initiatives, and more, we've worked with the college to develop a broad range of programs to inspire and engage their students at the end of the term.

With programs run with an entire cohort at a time, challenges are designed with the flexibility for students to tailor them to their areas of interest.

These programs are a fantastic way to engage students at the end of the term whilst developing general capabilities and 21st century skills in a fun and hands on way.

For more information on how you can get programs like this in your school, make sure to head over to our School Incursions page.


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